Planning Manifest: The Future of Logistics conference with Pam Simon

When any new product or event hits the scene, you typically see content and ads centered around “register for my event” or “reasons to attend X event” but i’ve noticed a more creative approach to enticing users to your conference is by previewing the subject matter experts before visitors make that call to drop thousands of dollars and time away from the office for an event or conference. 

That’s what originally drew me into an upcoming event called Manifest: The Future of Logistics. 

They have a killer website and an even better email newsletter. It’s one of those newsletters that gives you a high-level snapshot of everything that happened in the logistics industry during the week and if I see something that catches my eye, I can choose to read more about it. 

I also get to bring you this conversation with Conference Chair for Manifest and EVP of programming for Connectiv, Pam Simon.  She’s the one heading up that good content marketing I spoke about earlier. 

It’s a fun conversation about what goes into planning an event at this scale, the different things they’re offering at the event, LIKE A PUPPY SECTION, and why she’s interviewing the same folks ahead of time that are also going to be speaking at the conference itself.



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