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We’re building a community of creative problem-solvers in freight.

Covering topics such as logistics technology, digital marketing/sales, industry expertise, historical deep-dives, and more. We bring an editorial approach to content that prioritizes thought leadership and the rad stories that make the global supply chain go ’round.

Here are a few stats about our highly engaged audience:

  • 110,000+ podcast downloads
  • Highly-engaged social/email audience of 23,000+ subscribers and counting to include brokers, carriers, shippers, entrepreneurs, and executives in logistics.
  • One of the few independent podcast in logistics with high domain ranking in search engines and generating thousands of website visitors every month.
  • Topics we cover include logistics technology, digital marketing/sales, cargo crimes, source-to-porch stories, and conversations with fellow thinkers in freight.

A sample of our logistics content

A Podcast For The Thinkers in Freight

Rad shipping stories and one-person marketing team strategy. Covering how your favorite stuff (and people!) make it from point A to B.

Our Content + Performance

With more than 12 years of experience creating content online for the freight industry, Digital Dispatch founder and podcast host Blythe Brumleve specializes in quality content over quantity.


  • Relaunched in January 2023, Everything is Logistics by Digital Dispatch has published over 300 episodes with key thought leaders and subject deep-dives amassing close to 110,000 downloads and growing every day.
  • In addition to podcast content, our email newsletter boasts 2,000 subscribers and counting with all contacts acquired through content blood, sweat, and tears. Absolutely no list buying or crappy lead bots used ’round here. In addition to traditional email subscribers, we also have a newsletter on LinkedIn with more than 3k subscribers.
  • Since it’s inception in 2018, the Digital Dispatch website has prioritized high-intent SEO that speaks to insiders and newcomers. This powerful written content plus our podcast recaps results in thousands of website visitors every month.
  • Topics we cover include logistics technology, digital marketing/sales, cargo crimes, source-to-porch stories, and conversations with fellow thinkers in freight.

Our Distribution & Audience

The Everything is Logistics podcast was born out of a content project for Digital Dispatch. It grew tremendously and as a result, was relaunched in January 2023 as it’s own brand. Hosted by Blythe Brumleve, our podcast is now considered one of the top in all of logistics and supply chain.

Our audience includes:

  • 13,000+ followers/connections on LinkedIn
  • 7300+ followers on Twitter
  • 1300+ followers on TikTok
  • 5900+ followers on Instagram
  • 824+ subscribers on YouTube (we’re working on growing this ASAP)
  • 5000+ email and Linkedin newsletter subscribers

We like to profile our audience as the thinkers in freight. The ones who work in a variety of roles but share the same entrepreneurial mindset to take on the problems that exist in shipping with a deep curiosity about the intricacies of that port-to-porch process. This audience includes startups, SaaS, brokerages, and carriers in the logistics space along with casual supply chain fans.

Recognized by the top logistics brands

The Niche Audience Built for Your Logistics Brand

We publish 8-15 video-based podcasts every month covering logistics technology, digital marketing/sales, cargo crime, source-to-porch stories, and highlighting our fellow thinkers in freight.

If your company is looking to reach our audience of brokers, carriers, entrepreneurs, and executives in logistics you’re invited to check out our sponsorship options below.


Our Stats Are Real

IAB certification is the leader in transparency when it comes to podcast stats. EIL is proud to track and monitor our podcast stats in a comprehensive and ethical way.


LinkedIn Presents

EIL was selected in 2023 as 1 of 19 podcasts to join the inaugural Podcast Academy. This program exposed the podcast to the global LinkedIn audience.


Amazon’s Hidden Gem

Amazon Music selects ‘Everything is Logistics as one of their Hidden Gems on their podcast home page.


Below are some examples of how we structure our sponsorships. We gear all packages around your goals and what makes sense for our audience/brand.

Packages start at $18,000 with a minimum quarterly commitment.

Additional À la carte options include email-only sponsorships and referral partnerships.


The Starter Campaign runs for 3-months across our media platforms. Fee covers everything listed below:

  • One-time video interview with a subject matter expert at your company
  • Link to your event/company URL from Digital Dispatch website in the show blog post notes—which is great for your own SEO efforts.
  • Your company logo appearing in the Supporters section of our LinkedIn newsletter and traditional email newsletter.


The Growth Campaign runs for 6-months across our media platforms. Fee covers everything listed below:

  • Custom 25-second mid-roll host-read ad to appear in all new episodes
  • Quarterly video-based interviews with your company’s exec/expert uploaded to our podcast and YouTube channels.
  • Choice of category/segment exclusive sponsorship e.g. LogTech, 3PL, Truckers, Cargo Crime, Source to Porch, etc…
  • Logo featured prominently in our weekly email newsletter and in our LinkedIn newsletter.
  • Full interview file assets given to you to create social media friendly video clips at your discretion
  • Prominently displayed link to your URL from Digital Dispatch website in the show blog post notes.


The Custom package is designed to run on all of our channels for 12-months and be the perfect blend of all options to best suit your needs.

  • Target market exclusivity rights
  • Your company prominently shown in our content and promotions.
  • Webinar/virtual event hosting
  • Live event hosting/promotion
  • Custom landing page with your company logo + link on the Digital Dispatch website
  • Standalone social media promotion
  • Cross promotion on our top performing blogs and podcasts
  • Course/training/demo walkthroughs or creation
  • Max one spot per quarter with 6-month commitment required

Payment options are available for Growth and Custom packages.


If you’re considering podcasts as part of your marketing strategy, I highly recommend joining the Everything is Logistics Podcast. Blythe, the host, creates an engaging and fun environment for meaningful conversations. My experience with the podcast not only left a positive impression but also drove significant awareness for LeadCoverage, which ultimately translated into tangible revenue growth.

Kara Smith Brown

CEO , LeadCoverage

Everything is Logistics is my go-to when I'm looking to understand industry dynamics, a new player, or a niche. Blythe commands an incredibly engaged audience -- after I recorded an episode with her this year, I received more outreach from listeners than the rest of the freight podcasts I recorded this year combined. If you're not part of the Everything is Logistics community yet, you need to be.

Kary Jablonski

CEO, Trucker Tools

The [Everything is Logistics] podcast has a huge reach and is one of hte most established in our space. Anybody that has a product or needs to get in touch with the logistics community, it makes sense for them to look at a sponsorship

Josh Lyles

Founder, Salesdash CRM

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