Creating good content is hard. Getting quality leads is even harder.
The new referral program from Everything is Logistics aims to solve both of those problems in the freight industry. Launching in the Spring of 2024, we’re partnering with select freight companies to create an advertorial opportunity that engages an already-established audience of thought leaders.


How Everything is Logistics referral program works:
  • Your company conducts a one-time (paid) interview with EIL host Blythe Brumleve.
  • The EIL team creates a lead-magnet landing page on our website, including the video interview, SEO-optimized blog write-up, and social media clips.
  • We invite our audience to listen to the interview if they’re in the market for your solution—or those who are curious about your company.
  • EIL collects a referral fee percentage for new customers your company earns from our audience.
  • Your company gets high-quality leads and we help give our audience the education they’re looking for with an added bonus to support our show without a paywall.
*The nature of this new program will focus on companies that make sense for our audience, and EIL’s commitment to them remains the top priority. Because of this, not every company will be a good fit. If you believe your service or product is a good fit, let’s chat.

What we cover:


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