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For the thinker’s in freight. Covering how your favorite stuff (and people!) get from point A to point B.

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Learned so much!

New to this world and so happy I found a podcast that can help me learn more about this industry. Blyth really knows what she’s talking about! Thank you for sharing your knowledge


Unparalleled Passion!

Blythe has proven time and again that her passion for marketing, logistics and website development is second to absolutely no one. I’m glad she created this platform to pull back the curtain a little bit. Looking forward to the new episodes!


A baller host with great insight

Glad to hear that Blythe is launching ANOTHER podcast! Looking forward to listening to one of the best minds in the business!



Very smart women and has plenty on of experience to share to help other , u can hear this in the way she speaks on these podcast


Great show

Love hearing how things work. This podcast is one to subscribe to if you want to learn and grow. Thanks for the content Blythe!


Great show

Fantastic podcast and very informative


Great show

Fantastic podcast and very informative


Knows her business

Blythe goes above and beyond to make sure she has the most current information available to help give you a great experience riding through logistics!


One of the best voices in logistic marketing

lythe is no stranger to the world of logistics, marketing, or the web in general. Glad to see her launch a new show with more focus on interviews and sharing her professional experience


About the Host

Blythe Brumleve

Blythe Brumleve got her start in freight marketing as an executive assistant working for a large 3PL in North Florida where she would eventually be tasked with handling the company’s digital media strategy. This is where she earned her chops as a marketer forced to do it all with a limited budget around the time when the inbound marketing concept was born. It was this job and a side-hustle blog that earned her eventual roles with a B2B marketing agency, on-air radio talent, and TV talent.


  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • AI Marketing Operations
  • Marketing Operations
  • Website Design, Hosting, & Development
  • Organic SEO
  • Measuring Website ROI
  • Podcasting & Video Broadcasting