Previewing Manifest: The Future of Logistics 2023
Location : Las Vegas
Event Type : In-Person
Date : Jan 31, 2023 - Feb 2, 2023

Manifest: The Future of Logistics was first held in January 2022 as one of the first big industry-wide events that made me go, “Wow, this industry actually feels like something modern and fresh.” They had puppy lounges, autonomous trucks, rad conference swag, and even a concert by Ludacris. 

It created a major FOMO event across the logistics industry so when it came time to start mentally prepping for the fall and winter slate of conferences, the Manifest conference for 2023 was already penciled on my must-attend events. All that to say we’re proud to welcome back conference chair Pam Simon to tell us what’s all in store for the upcoming conference. 

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Blythe Brumleve
Blythe Brumleve
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