Turning Your Content Marketing Into a Profit Center

The world is now run with content—whether it’s “meme warfare,” following the trends, or signing up the most famous celebrities, people consume content more than ever. That’s why brands have shifted their marketing strategies from bread-and-butter television advertisements, magazines, or posters, to social media platforms where billions of people gather together in a single or multi-platform. You now see unknown brands suddenly shoot up in popularity because they created content so catchy and promising that people decided to test them out. In contrast, some popular brands faded into obscurity.

Content creation has been considered the cost center since marketing and advertisements require a lot of money just to promote your product, and companies are thinking of making the most out of them. If you reframe your mind, content is more than just a cost center—it can also be your profit center—in which creating engaging and compelling content that resonates with the masses, especially if you go on trend, equates to profits you can ever imagine. Tune in as we discuss how content has evolved throughout the years, reframing the content creation mindset and what you can do to take your brand to the next level.

Episode Timestamps:

[02:00] – Why Content Creation is the Future of Marketing

[05:19] – Forbes Magazine Top Creators of 2022

[06:52] – Organic Social Media

[09:01] – The Importance of an Internal Social Media “Arm”

[10:40] – Things you need to remember before starting any kind of campaign

[11:51] – Engaging with the Audience

[13:30] – Answering Audience Inquiries

[16:22] – Summary


“Even if you make a bad or good product, it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have the social media arm behind it.”

“A leader or company founder should be the face and the voice of the company. You don’t want to hire someone to come in and talk about you and pretend to be you on social media.”

“You should be keeping a list of all the questions and concerns your clients and your leads are asking you because then that way, you have a general idea of what you should be talking about on social media.”



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Blythe Brumleve
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