100 Years of Transportation Marketing and Sales
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In this episode, Blythe and Jennifer Karpus-Romain, the Executive Director of the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA), discuss the organization’s 100-year history, digital transformation, and the upcoming ELEVATE 2024 conference in New Orleans from June 9-11, 2024. Jennifer also shares insights into TMSA’s marketing strategies, award programs, and educational content designed to help logistics professionals enhance their marketing and sales skills.



“We have a benchmarking study. That’s a sales and marketing survey that we do to our members and people in the industry. It tells you what is going on and sales marketing today what people are spending their budgets on. How many sales and marketing people do they have at their companies? That’s always a question I get all the time. What are people outsourcing like? What are people keeping in house? What software’s are they? What types of software are they using? Are they integrating their software’s all that kind of stuff lives in that benchmarking study, and that’s accessible only to members so it all lives inside the member portal.” – Jennifer Karpus-Romain

“Like when people are always like when you’re starting new things like what what’s your advice? And I’m like, well, like anytime you’re starting new things you need to evaluate its actual purpose. And like half the people, especially as the marketing person, like you get thrown so many things and you’re like what is the what is the point of this? Like, what how does this serve our business purpose?” – Jennifer Karpus-Romain



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