AI-Powered Customer Support in Freight

Transportation companies invest heavily in customer service; partnering with Kodif can reduce costs while providing excellent support.

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When ChatGPT entered the mainstream in November of 2022, it quickly became the fastest app to 100 million users actively using the platform. Fast forward to 2024 and the logistics and supply chain industry are now seeing AI-powered solutions for various pain points and lack of efficiency in this massive industry.

One company aims to tackle one of the biggest areas of time lost and that’s in the realm of support–specifically around mundane tasks of customer service.

Kodif’s AI-Powered Customer Support Solutions

Companies can streamline their customer support operations by implementing agent workflow automation and AI-powered auto-generated responses. This technology can help resolve tickets faster, reduce human errors, and provide customers quick and consistent service.

This is made possible by working with Kodif, the AI-powered customer support automation platform. Kodif offers a solution that helps customer support and CX leaders automate their workflows to save time and drive better customer experiences at scale. Its’ guided automated workflows ensure consistent customer experiences by eliminating human errors and the need for extensive quality assurance measures.

“Thanks to Kodif, we have achieved the goals we set out to. Our customers receive high-quality, fast, informed support, and our agents are able to work more effectively,” shared Cindy Rodriguez, Senior Customer Experience Manager at GoodEggs.

GenAI Chatbot

Kodif’s GenAI Chatbot can be tailored with a company’s brand voice to reinforce its identity and foster stronger customer connections, while also improving customer satisfaction by providing quick, relevant responses to customer inquiries. By adding this chatbot feature, companies have reported a:

  • 40% increase in deflection rate
  • 15% increase in CSAT
  • 40% increase in cost savings

AI Agent Co-Pilot

Kodif’s AI Co-Pilot for all CX workflows uses a generative AI agent trained on companies’ support data that can take action on their behalf. This helps them supercharge their support team with AI-powered response generation to handle more inquiries in less time. This has led to a reported:

  • 40% reduction in AHT & FRT
  • 100% consistency in responses
  • 60% reduction in onboarding and training time

Omni-channel Self-service

Kodif’s ideal and user-friendly interface makes it so customers can effortlessly find answers and resolve issues efficiently, through any channel they prefer (including web, email, and SMS). The low-code Studio to quickly develop and continuously improve self-service flows, without disrupting your engineering team.

This leads to customer support teams being able to provide effortless customer support experiences powered by GPT-4. Service users have reported:

  • 50,000+ agent hours saved
  • Up to 60% ticket deflection 
  • 2 weeks fast deployment

Kodif’s Platform Benefits

Kodif’s AI-powered customer support automation platform benefits companies in a number of ways. One major benefit is that it allows them to leverage contextual customer data to make decisions and provide refunds based on criteria such as customer lifetime value, geography, or other key parameters.

Kodif also enables seamless integrations with customer experience platforms and over 100 carriers to deflect where is my order tickets through multiple channels like web, email, mobile, SMS, or chat. This allows users to find the shipment information they need easily. 

“The Kodif team is incredibly easy to work with and they are true partners. They think of new ways to help us automate more inquiries,” said Sara Evanson, the Director of Customer Experience at Reservebar. 

Additionally, Kodif can understand customer questions and instantly retrieve relevant product details from knowledge bases with just one click. This makes generating clear, concise responses effortless. By automating routine inquiries, streamlining order processing workflows, and enabling agents to deliver personalized support, Kodif’s platform boosts customer satisfaction and operational efficiency for logistics companies.

Kodif’s platform also enables companies to assist with payments immediately and address billing questions. This helps them provide a supportive financial experience for customers. Additionally, the platform rapidly diagnoses problems, provides customized step-by-step solutions, and cuts resolution times. 

As a result, support workflows are simplified, and operational downtime is minimized. Above all, the company works hard to protect company privacy and ensure it meets the strictest compliance standards to keep data safe.

How to Start Gathering Your Own Data for AI Tools

In our interview with Mike Zayonc, cofounder at Kodif, we touched on how companies are dealing with a lot of data in several locations. Having data in multiple places creates a system where it needs to restructured before you can see the initial benefits of an AI-powered solution.

One solution is to create data exports to CSV’s where someone within your company can make sure those exports are formatted in similar columns and labeling structures. You can also start collecting your own data based on internal and sales meetings using a notetaking tool like

Another option is to partner with a company like Kodif who can use those internal meetings plus plug into your own internal data in systems like TMS and WMS using API connections.

Supporting Logistics & Supply Chain Companies

Kodif’s GenAI customer service automation solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of the logistics and supply chain industry. By implementing conversational AI chatbots and virtual agents, companies can increase customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores, reduce operations costs, boost agent productivity, and simplify complex procedures into easy-to-follow steps for customers.

Kodif leverages logistics companies’ historical vendor, customer, and interaction data to enable accurate and personalized communication across channels. Essential information from past supply chain transactions and conversations is automatically summarized and presented to agents in real-time to facilitate informed productive dialogues. Companies can also easily capture key details during current discussions to inform future interactions.

Overall, Kodif’s automation platform enables logistics organizations to efficiently handle high volumes of routine inquiries, expedite order processing, and deliver top-notch customer service. With GenAI-powered chatbots providing 24/7 personalized, multi-lingual assistance across communication channels, customer queries, and concerns are addressed promptly, even during off-peak hours. 

By optimizing customer and agent experiences, Kodif’s solutions drive operational efficiencies, cost savings, and satisfaction across the global supply chain. Logistics providers worldwide trust Kodif’s automation to strengthen vendor/customer relationships and build competitive advantage.

Learn more about Kodif on the company’s website and watch our interview below with the cofounder, Mike Zayonc.

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Mike Zayonc, co-founder of Kodif, joined the Everything is Logistics podcast to talk about artificial intelligence, automation, and how his team is building an AI solution to help logistics companies