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In this episode, we have invited Thomas Wasson. He is an Enterprise Trucking Carrier Expert at FreightWaves with a focus on news commentary, analysis, and trucking insights. Prior to that, he worked as an Account Executive at aifleet, Arrive Logistics, and for 5 years at U.S. Express with a focus on fleet management, load planning, freight analysis, and truckload network architecture. He earned an MBA in 2020 from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga and a Bachelor of Political Science in 2013 from the University of Tennessee Knoxville.

In today’s episode, he discusses the world of freight, how the supply chain has evolved over time, and how trucking companies can enhance their operations.

How Thomas Started

Thomas came across trucking by chance. He began his career as a weekend dispatcher, where he gained his first experience managing vehicles and teams of truck drivers. In his life and career, he lives by the Dilbert Principle: just be good enough to move up. He was promoted and eventually arrived where he is now.

Supply Chain Business

Thomas argues that the supply chain is always difficult to control since it is untidy and constantly changing, especially when a pandemic strikes. The consequences of this circumstance include layoffs and automation, overworking and increased demand for greater compensation, and job switching.

Technological Advances

Larger carriers clearly have an advantage over smaller carriers and small carrier enterprises. According to Thomas, most small courier companies’ goal is to catch up with automation and innovation. Without a doubt, technology is always evolving in such a way that small courier companies can focus more on human-engaged jobs.

Must-Have Software for Trucking Companies

It is critical for large trucking companies to seek investment assistance from private investors who are prepared to assist them in investing in technology to automate the majority of minor jobs. In addition, for new trucking companies, partnering with well-known or established companies may assist your company in gaining access to industry resources.

Favorite Part Of The Job

As part of his job, Thomas is quite interested in talking to people. He enjoys educating people about the trucking or brokerage industries, and he enjoys hearing from his clients.
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