Building a Marketplace for Rail Logistics with Martin Lew of Commtrex
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On this episode of Everything is Logistics, host Blythe Brumlve welcomes Martin Lew, CEO of Commtrex, to discuss the future of rail logistics.

Martin’s background as a former commodity trader at JP Morgan gives insight into the relationship between logistics and finance due to his experience trading physical and financial coal and navigating cap and trade programs with clients.

The conversation highlights the challenges and opportunities facing the rail industry, from infrastructure investments to technology advancements and the importance of collaboration between logistics and finance professionals.



[02:10] Inefficiency in railroad industry.
[00:04:54] Rail Transportation Marketplace.
[00:06:49] Largest shippers reject marketplace.
[00:09:52] Future of rail freight.
[00:13:25] Rail transportation and misconceptions.
[00:17:05] Reducing carbon footprint through rail.
[00:21:23] Volatility in ocean freight.
[00:23:48] Starting a railroad company.
[00:28:03] Shipping by rail basics.
[00:30:18] Shipping in Mexico.
[00:35:45] Translating in supply chain.
[00:39:36] Future of rail logistics.
[00:40:31] Railroads converting truck lanes.
[00:44:26] Rail transportation evolving with data.
[00:49:28] Autonomous rail technology.
[00:53:06] Auto co-pilot for rail.
[00:55:31] Rail industry sustainability efforts.
[00:57:42] Sustainable locomotive technology.



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