Building the Most Badass Event in Logistics: The Manifest Story
Episode Transcript
Location : Las Vegas, Nevada
Event Type : In-Person
Date : Feb 5, 2024 - Feb 7, 2024

In this episode of Everything is Logistics, host Blythe Brumleve welcomes Courtney Muller, the President at Manifest and Chief Corporate Development Officer at Connective, to talk about building the most badass event in logistics.

In the conversation, we cover the strategy behind building not only knowledge-based discussions but also experiences that bring out the conversation naturally among strangers–which is a major key when networking with folks you might not see all that often.

Have we mentioned Manifest has a puppy lounge? Because in case I haven’t mentioned it enough, it’s the best sponsorship dollars money can buy. And it’s also experiences like this that help to give you a peopling break so you can get back to the networking like you never missed a beat.

As someone who doesn’t go to ALL conferences but still attends a half dozen or so throughout the year, Manifest is one I haven’t and don’t plan on ever missing in the future. It sounds like they’re paying me to say this, but I mean it. This event is only going to get more popular and in demand, so with tickets on sale, better scoop them and get to work on the planning February 2024 ASAP (taking place the week before the Super Bowl–which is also in Vegas). 



[00:01:37] Planning a successful logistics event.
[00:04:21] Planning events for 30 years.
[00:09:30] High-level event curation.
[00:10:19] Being the biggest doesn’t matter.
[00:14:25] Creating valuable conference bags.
[00:18:37] Pre-event speaker interviews.
[00:21:04] Supporting Podcasters at Events.
[00:25:16] Creative problem solving.
[00:28:25] Women’s lunch and gender diversity.
[00:31:06] Diversity in leadership.
[00:34:24] Stand up for yourself.
[00:38:14] Expanding event space.
[00:41:23] Building a better website.
[00:44:59] Event planning and sponsorship opportunities.



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