Creating a conference strategy with Grace Sharkey and Lars Ward
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Jump to the 2:44 minute mark to skip the initial laughter that surrounds a conference conversation between myself and good friends Grace Sharkey of Freightwaves and Lars Ward of Freightvana. 

Once we get to the 3-minute ish mark of the show, we settle into a great discussion defining how each of us approaches a conference. 

We cover strategies such as: 

  • What are you doing before the conference?
  • Where are the best conversations happening during the conference?
  • And how do you tackle your post-conference strategy?

All this plus more during a live recording of Everything is Logistics at Manifest: The Future of Logistics conference.

Links from the show: 



0:02:44     Leveraging Social Media for Business Growth

0:07:29     Exploring the Value of LinkedIn for Conference Preparation

0:09:09     Leveraging LinkedIn for Professional Networking and Engagement

0:10:23     The Value of Consistency and Serendipity at Logistics Conferences

0:14:46    Maximizing ROI at Manifest Conference

0:16:21     Accidental Conversations at Conferences: The Magic of Connecting with Others

0:17:53     Prioritizing Conferences for Marketing and Sales

0:22:04     Building Connections and Trust

0:30:51     Follow-Up Strategies for Networking Events: Leveraging Technology and Traditional Tactics

0:32:52     Strategies for Effective Post-Conference Outreach



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