Four-time CMO Rachel Meranus talks Transfix’s 2022 rebrand and building a high-performance marketing team
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Rachel Meranus started out in public relations but found her way into marketing during the course of her career. She has held the position of chief marketing officer (CMO) four times and is now the chief revenue and marketing officer at Transfix. During this discussion, she covers her time as Chief Marketing Officer, the rebranding of Transfix 2022, as well as the process of constructing a high-performance marketing team.

Shippers and carriers are able to interact with one another and have their truckload transportation optimized with the assistance of Transfix, a software-first logistics firm. Transfix has been in business for ten years, and its technology matches shippers and carriers on specific loads and lanes through the use of automation and data modeling. In addition to the brokerage platform they provide, Transfix also provides software solutions that aid shippers and carriers with the execution, optimization, and management of truckload transportation. These solutions are available for both shippers and carriers.

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