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In this episode, Nate Cross and Ben Kowalski, creators of the Freight Broker Basics course and the Freight 360 podcast, share their insights on content marketing, freight broker training, and balancing work with side projects. They offer valuable tips on prospecting, follow-up processes, cold-calling techniques, and how AI tools like ChatGPT can aid brokers. The two also cover challenges new brokers face, creating authentic content, effective marketing emails, and advice for managing personal branding efforts.



    • “The number one reason that brokers don’t succeed in the sales side is they’re not make they’re not putting the activity in, it’s a numbers game. And if they just if you’re not making the calls, number one, it’s less opportunity to talk to people. And number two, it’s less opportunity for you to refine your skills to effectively communicate.” – Nate
    • “A lot of this was just me and him writing it out, coming up with the topics sharing it back and forth and then sending it to other people we knew in the industry to audit it for us and say, Hey, what are else? What else are we missing?” – Ben Kowolski on creating the Freight Broker Basics course.
    • “So the coffee challenge is really just to go when next time you buy coffee, you have to ask them for a discount, which no matter what it is, you just say hey, can I get 25% off this cup of coffee, which is a really awkward thing to ask.” – Ben Kowolski on practicing negotiating skills
    • “Everybody likes to teach and talk about things they know. I want to ask just enough questions to get this person I’m calling to be interested in to want to talk to me a question does that.” – Ben Kowolski on effective prospecting.
    • “I think it does help us get better at the things we’re doing. I hope there’s more of that and less of people just outsourcing it directly and going, whatever, what’s good enough, send it as big unintended consequences.” – Ben Kowolski on using AI tools to assist rather than fully automate.
    • “And I don’t know what that’s going to look like. So there’s a fear a little bit. But I’m like, Well, I’d rather move towards the fear and be on the front edge of it. Because there will be winners, and there will be losers.” – Ben Kowolski on adopting AI early.
    • “The vast majority of brokerages are smaller than that. So they don’t they’re not going to have the manpower or the the cash flow to pay somebody to be like your education person.” – Nate Krause on why most brokerages don’t have robust internal training.



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