Freight Friends on How the Attention Economy is Changing, Taylor Swift Concert Logistics, and More
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In this episode, Grace Sharkey and the host discuss the new era of media, including the recent shake-ups in the legacy media world and the influencer economy.

They also introduce a couple of new segments to the podcast, including discussions on their favorite logistics stories of the month and intriguing conspiracy theories. The episode ends with a roundup of the latest freight tech and media stories from Grace.



[00:02:24] New era of media. 
[00:05:05] Influencers gaining more power. 
[00:09:03] Influencer marketing and its flaws. 
[00:12:16] Influencers and media companies. 
[00:16:23] Going Direct to Twitter. 
[00:19:39] Spotify’s User Interface Challenges. 
[00:23:24] Influencer lifestyle and platforms. 
[00:29:45] AI in podcasting. 
[00:31:22] AI Instagram account realizes truth. 
[00:36:03] Princess Diana’s Infamous Interview. 
[00:38:15] Royal family fashion. 
[00:42:41] The logistics of music tours. 
[00:45:21] Low margins in music industry. 
[00:50:10] Lipstick logistics. 
[00:52:18] Lipstick logistics and the economy. 
[00:56:10] Press on nails and nail salon economy. 
[00:59:28] Britney Spears conspiracy theory. 
[01:06:30] Feral people in national parks. 
[01:11:29] Mountain lion encounter. 
[01:13:35] Hiking in bear territory. 
[01:20:27] AI in retail. 
[01:20:57] 3D imaging with AI. 
[01:25:12] Getting the most out of technology. 
[01:28:27] Mental models in business.



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