Freight Friends: The State of Freight, Warehouse Drones, and Snack Production Logistics
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Join Grace Sharkey and Blythe for the latest installment of Freight Friends, where they unpack the current state of the freight market and its economic drivers. Discover cutting-edge business ideas like using drones to streamline warehouse inventory, leveraging digital twin technology for optimizing manufacturing, and implementing AI-driven phone systems for smoother logistics operations. Plus, don’t miss their exploration of the logistics behind the diverse flavors in the booming snack industry and the hype surrounding themed movie theater popcorn buckets.



  • “A lot of brokers have been telling me produce season hasn’t been picking up like it should. Again, I always like to kind of look at those around me whenever I want to kind of make a prediction of what’s happening with the freight market or even more so what’s happening possibly down the line.” – Grace Sharkey
  • “We have a broker that I inherited, and I swear each week, I get another email or call from a different rep. They’re DMs, we are already a customer and he says it’s very annoying.” – Matt (quoted by Blythe)
  • “What I think is really cool is this is a company that uses drones, computer vision from those drones to offer inventory management solutions for warehouses. So again, taking a giant warehouse and being able to send a drone out to read every item, take inventory, take all that data, bring it back to managers and figure out where they only want that they can.” – Grace Sharkey (on Gather AI)
  • “If you’re buying a specialty flavor, Lay’s chips it likely came from a factory that’s two hours away and has been in business for 50 years with a local supply chain.” – Ryan Harlan (quoted by Blythe)
  • “Companies like Nestle think that this model of novelty is the future as they come back things like Ozempic Taking over where people are eating less.” – Blythe Brumleve
  • “Last summer AMC chief Adam Aaron predicted that 25,000 Special Edition Barbie Corvettes would sell out by the end of opening weekend at $35 a pop he was right that means nearly 1 million in revenue or about $875,000.” – (Quote from Hollywood Reporter)




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