Freight Friends: Tugboats, Barges, and Uber Freight’s Carrier Summit Recap
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Join Grace Sharkey and Blythe for the latest installment of Freight Friends, where they give some love to the unsung modes of shipping: tugboats and barges. Grace also gives us insight into Uber’s third annual Carrier Summit, and gals close out the show by talking about the illegal ivory supply chain, Hubble Network, and good freight marketing.


  • “Conventionally, tugboat captains move close to the assisted vessel to be able to grab the messenger line from the assisted vessel’s troops, often even under the bow or in the turbulent. A minor floor in the maneuvering can result in major damage or injuries of the deck crew of both the tugboat and the assisted ship.” – From the video
  • “Most of the sales processes are very manual, and you got to talk to a lot of people, depending on what you’re doing, you may be coordinating across 3, 4, 5, 6 different parties, each of which you have to communicate individually, depending on your use case. And that creates a really high barrier of entry for shippers.” – From the Open Tug video
  • “So we simplify that we’re the first digital marketplace to connect bulk and Breakbulk shippers with transportation and terminal capacity. Customers simply search for their requirements or destinations or cargo and their timeline, they booked that shipment and they track it to their destination.” – From the Open Tug video


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