Freight Marketing Questions: How to Put it All Together
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In this episode, we’re covering a question submitted by a podcast listener who’s a freight broker seeking advice on how to create a marketing plan with two different websites and no social media presence. Host Blythe Brumleve suggests focusing both websites on a specific niche and using cold emailing to reach potential customers. She also recommends verifying email lists to ensure they are legitimate before using them for marketing purposes, plus the reasoning behind each of these strategies. 


0:05 How to put it all together when it comes to your marketing plan.
1:45 Why there are more than one website?
4:08 Where do you get your cold emails? Are they purchase lists? Are they ones that you can get from an advertising campaign?
6:07 The same can be said for Hubspot. You likely have to commit to a very long-term plan with Hubspot if you have that many.
10:17 How to use Fiverr Freelancers to classify your emails into different groups.
12:35 If you have no social media presence, get started on one platform at a time.
14:07 Other marketing integrations that I would think about for your website.



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