How Freight Companies Are Managing Their 2024 Marketing Budgets
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Today, I wanted to share an episode I recorded for Charlie Pesti, the logistics PR extraordinaire. Moderated by John Monarch, the discussion centers around how freight companies are managing their 2024 marketing budgets. Panelists include Steve Bonadio, VP of Global Marketing at Tive Inc., Clara Flaherty, Co-Founder and Head of Growth at CarrierSource, and Gemma Fiorentino, CEO of Consono, and myself. Together, we provide a comprehensive analysis of the latest market report, surveying decision-makers in marketing within the supply chain and logistics industry.

Brand new episodes of  Everything Is Logistics will be dropping in late January with all new guests and podcast partnerships. Until then, I hope y’all enjoy this one and find it valuable.





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Blythe Brumleve
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