How Pitney Bowes Refines Their E-Commerce Operations with Stephanie Cannon
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In this episode of Everything is Logistics, host Blythe Brumleve interviews Stephanie Cannon, SVP at Pitney Bowes, about her background in logistics and how she fell in love with the industry.

Cannon shares that she started as an industrial engineer in college and landed her first co-op job with UPS, which ultimately led to a full-time job offer and participation in their management trainee program. She discusses the importance of understanding all facets of a logistics company and the value of hands-on experience.



The listener will learn about various topics related to logistics, including the speaker’s experience working at UPS, challenges of logistics operations in different countries, Pitney Bowes’ different business divisions and innovations, the use of robotics in warehouse systems, and Pitney Bowes’ efforts to improve worker engagement and retention through automation.


[00:01:52] UPS management trainee program. 
[00:05:27] International logistics operations. 
[00:07:23] Pitney Bowes’ global e-commerce. 
[00:10:46] Workforce optimization. 
[00:14:09] Consultative parcel shipping solutions. 
[00:17:19] Flexible automation in warehouses. 
[00:20:41] Employee involvement in automation. 
[00:24:20] Monotonous jobs and robotics. 
[00:27:18] Robotics in Warehouses. 
[00:33:02] Parcel Shipping Index. 
[00:33:52] E-commerce innovation and automation.



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