Bet you didn’t know Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) is the oldest port in the US.

In the 1500’s on the banks of the St Johns River, a man by the name of John Hawkins participated in a commercial port transaction that the Jacksonille Port Authority would later give copyrighted designation “America’s First Port.”

It was one of many cool facts learned in the process of researching how a city gets a port.

Ports and global trade are the story of human civilization and in this newly branded series, Source to Porch, I’m hoping to take those fun “the logistics of…” stories you hear on the podcast and turn them into short-form videos like this.

Big thanks to Jeff Price, PCM Digital Marketing, CDMP for giving me a tour of America’s First Port and Chelsea Kavanagh, APR for teaching us about all the good stuff that happens when a city gets a port—and when a city is build around a port.

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Blythe Brumleve
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