Maritime Roundup: Experts Detail the Legal, Journalism, Data, and Merchant Mariner POV
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In this episode, we’re going to examine the maritime sector’s impact on global trade after the Baltimore Bridge collapse.

In this roundup, we’re featuring conversations with a TikTok-famous merchant mariner Gabby Salazar, who defies industry norms; Chris Cook, who uses data to track grain shipments through Ukraine; maritime attorney Lauren Beagan, explaining the complexities of maritime law; and Nick Chubb, showcasing how technology streamlines ancient shipping practices.

Whether you’re intrigued by the legalities, the data, the technology, or the human stories behind the scenes, this maritime-focused episode is for you.



Lauren Beagan: “90% of all goods are shipped via the big cargo ships, there are many issues that pop up all the time.  Navigating through the legal straits that every cargo ship must cross underscores the monumental stakes of maritime law.”

Gabby Salazar: “Working in a male-dominated field, it’s like just another day in the office… our office just floats and is 1,000 feet long.”

Chris Cook: “The invasion of Ukraine… opened up a series of enormously important stories.”

Nick Chubb: “Streamlining this ancient industry is about more than just integrating new technology; it’s about changing the way we think about shipping and logistics.




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