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Maritime Roundup: Experts Detail the Legal, Journalism, Data, and Merchant Mariner POV

By Blythe Brumleve | Apr 4, 2024
In this episode, we're going to examine the maritime sector's impact on global trade after...
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Spotting Misinformation, Freight Tech Trends, Stolen Sand, and Orca Revenge

By Blythe Brumleve | Sep 27, 2023
Grace Sharkey is back for another edition of Freight Freinds, where we talk about how...
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Maersk: What Innovating a 100 Year Old Company Looks Like

By Blythe Brumleve | Jul 28, 2023
Erez Agamoni, Senior Vice President of Innovation and Strategic Growth in North America at Maersk,...
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From Merchant Mariner to Maritime Tech Advisor

By Blythe Brumleve | Apr 12, 2022
Nick Chubb (not the running back) was a former merchant mariner who witnessed firsthand the...
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