Mitigating Panic Buying and Overstocks In the Healthcare Supply Chain
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Since the start of the pandemic, there has been massive volatility in the healthcare product supply chain, beginning with panic buying and overstock, followed by need-based purchases that have dropped off, and now spiking demand and out of stocks.

In this episode, Matt Bolden, Director of Product Marketing at Kinsa, breaks down the health analytics that help brands and retailers better optimize their supply chains. Kinsa is a data insights business that gives customers the ability to determine when and where illness-related products should be purchased to target marketing, reduce out-of-stock issues, and better plan for production.



00:03:30 Supply chain volatility persists.
00:07:30 Get ahead of illness demand.
00:14:09 Forecast illness-based demand.
00:20:13 Monitor illness in real-time.
00:26:33 Proactive illness forecasting solutions.
00:29:01 Navigate digital world easily.




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