Overworked Marketers, Proving ROI, and Debunking Video View Myths
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While some marketing departments can grow in a tough economy, the reality is when times get tough, most marketing budgets are slashed.

So what to do when you feel overworked and unsure if you’re headed in the right direction? You have a ‘come to Jesus’ moment where you have to look realistically at the stats that matter and put them into perspective relative to your overall business goals.

That’s our main focus in today’s solo show as a breakdown of measuring success in today’s modern freight marketing world.  

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  • What happens when you compare your numbers to pointless vanity metrics (3:05)
  • How views are counted on social media platforms. (8:28)
  • What counts as a video view on social media? (11:20)
  • How LinkedIn measures engagement on social media. (17:23)
  • What do you do when the company is closing or downsizing? (20:10)
  • Sitting in on regular sales meetings can help you craft better content. (26:32)
  • FutureTools.io –. (30:00)
  • What’s the best social media platform to use for recruiting? (35:14)
  • When you get really good at one thing, move on to the next. (38:08)
  • Find a way to measure your leads. (43:49)
  • You’re not alone in your marketing journey. (47:34)



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