Shipper POV: Rethinking the Furniture Supply Chain with Fernish
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While at Manifest: The Future of Logistics we were able to score some rad interviews and one of them we are bringing you today with a focus on the shipper point of view.

Fernish lets you rent, rent-to-own and buy single pieces of furniture and decor to full-room designs in bite-sized monthly payments for however long you’d like and in this episode we’re chatting with the company’s President and COO, Kristin Toth.

In this convo, we’re covering: 

  • How the furniture company has been able to bypass all of the supply chain issues we’ve been seeing these past months — specifically with furniture
  • Fernish’s business model and the circular economy
  • Its b2b services for office buildings, apartment complexes and other sorts of commercial real estate



00:03:15 Happy accidents lead to success.
00:06:26 Furniture rental made easy.
00:11:33 Experiment and iterate.
00:22:24 Reduce furniture waste.
00:22:34 Sustainability, convenience, value.
00:33:50 Raise service bar to disrupt.
00:37:00 Grow, learn, and innovate.



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