The Evolution of the TMSA: A Century of Marketing and Sales in Transportation
Episode Transcript
Location : Savannah, Georgia
Event Type : In-Person
Date : Jun 10, 2023 - Jun 14, 2023

The Transportation Marketing and Sales Association (TMSA) has been around for nearly 100 years, and with their upcoming flagship event, Elevate, happening in just a couple of weeks, we’ve got TMSA’s executive director Jennifer Karpus-Romain on the show to talk all about it along with what prospective members can gain from joining the  TMSA.


The listener will learn about the evolution of the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association (TMSA), the importance of software integration in transportation companies during COVID-19, the benefits of being a member of TMSA, and upcoming events and opportunities for networking and industry-specific training. The episode also discusses concerns about the impact of technology on creative jobs and the potential dangers of relying solely on AI-generated information.

[00:01:55] Marketing and HR collaboration.
[00:04:22] Software integration over COVID.
[00:07:28] Website and member portal overhaul.
[00:11:06] Adding HubSpot and the benefits.
[00:15:43] One-person marketing teams.
[00:17:12] Supporting sales as a marketer.
[00:20:49] Branding in a downturn market.
[00:26:01] CRM implementation challenges.
[00:27:14] Continued training for success.
[00:32:22] Value of in-person connections.
[00:34:22] Mentorship and Networking Opportunities.
[00:39:39] Safeguarding your brand.
[00:42:22] Exploring Savannah as a conference location.
[00:46:11] AI and creative work.
[00:49:41] The impact of AI on jobs.
[00:52:03] The future of jobs.
[00:57:28] Implications of AI technology.
[00:59:02] Online Predatory Behavior.
[01:02:28] AI technology and government understanding.
[01:08:47] AI Language Models and Accuracy.
[01:11:03] AI and misinformation.
[01:15:15] Industry-specific training.
[01:17:15] Behind the scenes of logistics.



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