The Freight Agent Trenches with Warren Debiak
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Ready to seize control of your financial future? Tempted to trade security for the thrill of running your own freight agent business? Join me for an enlightening conversation with Warren Debiak, freight agent business owner at SPI Logistics. 

Warren provides a raw account of his journey into the freight world, shedding light on the fear, triumph, and the simmering question of job security versus risk-taking. We also delve into the heart of the heated debate over the relevance of cold calls in this social media driven era.

Our conversation cuts through the complexities of cold calling and social media, dissecting their roles in the COVID-impacted business landscape. Warren shares his nuggets of wisdom on batching, outsourcing, and growing a business. We also touch on the content creation boom since 2020 and the urgent need to refresh your messaging. Expect a holistic exploration of the freight business, filled with practical insights and valuable tips from an industry insider. 



Are you experienced in freight sales or already an independent freight agent? Listen to our Freight Agent Trenches interview series powered by SPI Logistics to hear directly from the company’s agents on how they took the leap and found a home with SPI freight agent program.

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