The Power of Choice for Enterprise Fleets with Platform Science
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Platform Science has been around for years and rarely makes a podcast appearance but we were lucky to have a conversation with Luke Wachtel at Manifest: The Future of Logistics.

Luke,  SVP of Transportation and Logistics at Platform Science, joins the podcast to discuss the world of connected fleets and the technology that powers them.  Platform Science seeks to provide an app store-like experience for fleets, wherein fleets can have choice and access to the most recent technology advances with ease and convenience.



00:00:22 Connected fleets and technology.
00:08:41 Make technology easy to use.
00:09:45 Connected vehicles enable choice.
00:17:30 Eat your own dog food.
00:19:13 Connect disparate apps seamlessly.
00:26:37 Trucking technology is customizable.
00:29:19 Build your digital ecosystem.
00:32:45 Partner with OEMs to innovate.
00:37:56 Collaborate, don’t compete.
00:41:45 Collaboration is key.



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