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What Do Truckers Want? Insights from Drive My Way’s Beth Potratz

By Blythe Brumleve | Jan 9, 2024
This episode features Beth Potratz, founder and CEO of Drive My Way, discussing driver recruiting,...
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The Most Important Trucking Stories in 2023

By Blythe Brumleve | Dec 19, 2023
It's that time of the year when the days between Thanksgiving and the New Year...
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How Yard Management Solutions Streamline Operations

By Blythe Brumleve | Nov 28, 2023
In a new episode of Everything is Logistics, hosts Blythe Brumleve sits down with two...
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MacroPoint Founder Talks Freight Tech’s Evolution at Descartes

By Blythe Brumleve | Nov 16, 2023
This episode features Dan Cicerchi, GM of Transportation Management Solutions at Descartes, discussing freight tech...
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