The SaaS Strategy with Redwood Logistics’ Christina Ryan
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Redwood Logistics may be one of the top freight companies in the world but the software ecosystem they’re building is right on par with being some of the best offerings in all of supply chain.

Not only do they have a proprietary set of software but they’re the first to offer Logistics Software as a Service, aka LPass, which is the ability to plug into the same software logistics companies are already using in order to supercharge their tech stack.

Joining the show to talk about all of this is Redwood’s EVP of Managed Services, Christina Ryan.  She’s one of the rare ones who picked logistics as a college focus and has stayed in the industry ever since. In this convo, she’s breaking down the SaaS model in freight and how you can go the custom route, use a partner with an already-built solution, or both.



0:05 Christina’s background in logistics.
2:23 What are some of Redwood’s products and services?
7:08 How do you use data to better support your customers?
12:08 What kind of data does a shipper need from Redwood?
14:36 What does day-to-day look like with using Redwood Connect?
18:46 What are some of the promising areas you’re seeing with automation and AI taking hold in freight?
22:21 How artificial intelligence can be used in the freight space.
28:20 How do we get more women to work within the logistics industry?



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