Unlocking the Secrets of a Successful Freight Agent with Dino Del Grosso
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Gear up to unlock the secrets of a successful freight agent as we host an inspiring chat with Dino Del Grosso, an esteemed agent at SPI Logistics. He unwraps his journey of transitioning into the freight world, revealing how he discovered a company that became his professional family. As Dino paints the vibrant picture of SPI’s support-centric, family-oriented culture, it’s easy to see why he describes it as a place where agents truly thrive.

But the conversation doesn’t stop there. Dino also opens up about his unique business model of building sub-agents, providing a golden opportunity for those aspiring to become freight agents themselves. Through his lens, we get to understand how this model is mutually beneficial, offering a secure safety net for all involved.



Are you experienced in freight sales or already an independent freight agent? Listen to our Freight Agent Trenches interview series powered by SPI Logistics to hear directly from the company’s agents on how they took the leap and found a home with SPI freight agent program.

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