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In this episode of Everything is Logistics, Blythe speaks with Jennifer Miller, Vice President Integrated Transportation at DHL Supply Chain. They discuss DHL’s history as a parcel delivery pioneer, its evolution into a global logistics powerhouse, and its early adoption of digital technologies. Jennifer shares insights into DHL’s use of robotics, AI, and sustainable vehicles to drive innovation and meet evolving customer needs.


  • “When you have men and women in an organization, you will inherently be better. If you only have women, or if you only have men, that can be effective, but I generally find if you have different perspectives, different walks of life, and you can all come together and approach these problems and innovations differently, you’re going to get to a better place.” – Jennifer Miller
  • “Visibility, I would say visibility of what is happening in their supply chain. And the ability to look at exception management through that visibility. So you know, I don’t necessarily your customers don’t necessarily want to go out and look at everything, but I want to see, tell me what I need to know and tell me in a really efficient digital way.” – Jennifer Miller
  • “We have very large operations in both Latin America, both in Mexico and South America, as well as Central America. Mexico has a very large operational footprint for us. as well as cross border services, you know, either starting in Mexico or starting in the US. So that’s something that we’re very comfortable with and something we do, you know, extensively today.” – Jennifer Miller
  • “When I started in supply chain, there weren’t very many of us, I’ll be honest, and certainly almost none in leadership. DHL has made a huge commitment to women in leadership. I would just tell [others] to be fearless. Just don’t hold yourself back. This is a great industry.” – Jennifer Miller



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