How to Start Incorporating AI In Your Work and Creating ‘Why Buy’ Cold Email Campaigns
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Getting business in a tight market is challenging but sending 10k cold emails and expecting to get a decent response should be grounds to have you thrown in jail.

Ok, that last part was a little dramatic, but we live in interesting times.

These interesting times include massive layoffs and cutbacks which has any normal person feeling a little nervous.

So how do we prepare and strategize during a challenging time?

By sending cold emails that don’t suck.

Most cold emails suck because of the laziness of the person sending them. We’ve all been guilty of hearing the hopes that marketing and sales software can help us send targeted campaigns that our audience will love. Only to find out that most folks purchase an email list, load it into Hubspot, and hope for the best.

This spray-and-pray tactic only works to annoy the very people you would hope to become a customer.

So in a world of AI and inboxes getting record amounts of spam, how do we stick out?

By crafting a good ‘Why Buy’ campaign.


The listener will learn about a variety of topics related to marketing and AI, including Legion campaigns, establishing clear pathways to conversion, the impact of AI on the workforce, using AI tools for image creation and copywriting, finding potential use cases for AI in business, creating effective cold outreach campaigns and email sequences, and the importance of staying educated and adapting to the changing market. The podcast also promotes various resources and services related to marketing and AI.

00:05:16 Create a conversion pathway.
00:07:03 Test forms regularly for success.
00:14:39 AI replacing white-collar jobs.
00:20:03 Embrace AI tools for success.
00:20:51 Stay educated on AI.
00:31:30 Stand out with YBIs.
00:36:41 Stand out with why buys.
00:37:05 Create targeted messaging to stand out.
00:45:19 Stay educated and adapt.
00:49:30 Navigate the digital world.



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