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Automating Annoying Phone Calls in Freight with Happyrobot

By Blythe Brumleve | Apr 23, 2024
In this episode, Blythe speaks with Pablo Palafox, CEO of Happyrobot, about using AI-powered voice...
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A Crash Course in Freight AI with Garrett Allen

By Blythe Brumleve | Mar 28, 2024
In this episode, Blythe discusses the world of AI in freight with Garrett Allen, the...
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Automating Customer Support in Freight with AI

By Blythe Brumleve | Dec 7, 2023
In this interview, Mike Zayonc, co-founder of Kodif, discusses how AI can transform customer support...
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Freightwaves Now Roundup: Marketing and Strategy in an AI world

By Blythe Brumleve | Oct 19, 2023
In another edition of our Freightwaves Now roundup, we're collecting previous appearances on the show...
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