Robotics, Data, and Optimization with Dexory’s Oana Jinga
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In this episode, Blythe and Oana Jinga, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial and Product Officer at Dexory, discuss the company’s tall, autonomous robotics solution that collects granular data from warehouses to create a dynamic digital twin environment.

Jinga shares insights on leveraging this data for optimization, consolidating product locations, identifying discrepancies with WMS systems, and orchestrating other robotics operations.



  • “The way we look at a digital twin is like it’s a dynamic and living and breathing digital object. So it needs to be able to show you at any point in time, what’s the latest that’s happening in the physical world [of your warehouse], how that’s evolving, and what factors are influencing that change.” – Oana Jinga
  • “The robot is there to collect information. But what you can do with that information, is pretty much limitless. You can extract data and different points, you can compare it with other data sources, you can crunch it, you can use it for simulation for forecasting, and so on.” – Oana Jinga
  • “So when we say a digital twin of a warehouse, we literally mean like this digital environment that changes continuously as the warehouse changes, and that you can also then use in the future, like if you do want to simulate and try different scenarios.” – Oana Jinga
  • “From our perspective, we use the robot to get data continuously from warehouses to push them into that digital twin and show as close to reality as possible what’s going on.” – Oana Jinga
  • “We take continuous pictures of the racks, and then we deconstruct those and can use computer vision. And again, some elements of machine learning to see what we’re seeing in that data.” – Oana Jinga



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