What freight companies can learn from the Yellow bankruptcy with Adam Wingfield
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Today we are joined by none other than Adam Wingfield, founder of Innovative Logistics Group, who shares his engaging journey from being a truck driver to a business owner and educator.

Our conversation takes a deep dive into the implications of the Yellow freight bankruptcy, shedding light on the deregulation of the freight industry, the impact of COVID, labor issues, and the intriguing role of social media in their public battle with the Teamsters. We also cast a critical eye on the necessity of financial acumen to survive in the freight industry, highlighting the pitfalls of over-leveraging capital, and stressing the importance of knowing how to run a business, especially in the freight sector.

As the freight industry landscape continually evolves, Adam shares invaluable insights on how small carriers can navigate their way through the challenges they face and leverage technology to establish their credibility. He also discusses the potential of digital tools in creating a digital resume for carriers and how platforms like LinkedIn can amplify the voices of small carriers.


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